Hospitality Consulting

We are hotel professionals providing a hands-on approach to consulting services focused on operations, sales & marketing, and repositioning of independent luxury resorts worldwide. Working from an individual project basis to full retained consultancy, we become an extension of your existing team. We assist in identifying "who you are", "where you want to be" and "how to get there".

Asset Management

Within an industry that is constantly changing, we provide stability, oversight and continuity in a non-aggressive manner. With dedicated liaison to ownership and extensive property visitation, we operate as owners, and coach management to do the same, while focusing on every detail in order to maximize revenues/cash-flow and increase value. We customize our service to your needs.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development for all departments

We assist in developing and implementing effective SOP's that positively impact guest experience and the bottom line without eliminating individualism and personality. Well written SOP's facilitate training and ensure consistency, while providing a common understanding of what needs to be done and shared expectations for how tasks are to be completed.

PR Agency Management

Promoting the public image of a resort is not as easy as hiring a PR Agency and walking away. We assist in analyzing the plan put together by your PR Agency, as well as the results of their efforts. We work closely with the agency in a collaborative manner, providing support so as to maximize coverage and outcome for the resort.

Sales & Marketing representation and/or Management

From competitive analysis to Sales & Marketing plan review and/or development to complete brand creation to acting as DOSM in the absence of one, we respond to the individual challenges presented by each of our clients in their respective markets. We cultivate a successful marketing strategy based on research and creativity reflecting the uniqueness of the property, followed by aggressive implementation and continual evaluation to achieve clearly defined objectives. We are able to analyze the results of marketing efforts in real-time and create precise, professional reports to share with your executive team.

Reservations Training

With prospective guests ranging from ultra-informed to misinformed, having taken virtual tours, read conflicting online guest reviews and social media postings; resort reservation agents are fielding a broader spectrum of sales scenarios than ever before. Scripted and robotic reservations processes are no longer an acceptable method, and really never have been within the luxury market. We train your staff to analyze and understand each call or email situation, personalize the sales process and customize the prospective guests' experience for the duration of communication.

F&B Concept Development

Using sustainable, socially responsible operational practices, we use a disciplined, yet creative and inspirational approach to F&B concept development. We support the property's brand image, while meeting functional needs and creating a unique selling proposition (USP.) From concept to implementation to opening, and everything in between to run a successful and profitable operation.

Interior Design & Styling Assistance

Providing a practical approach to design and styling, we customize and implement innovation solutions for our clients in all matters of style and taste. With emphasis on eclectic, yet timeless appeal complimenting climate and culture, we offer an individual and refreshing approach to design & styling. We understand the demands of a resort environment, and work closely together to ensure the best results are achieved through a synthesis of concept, beauty and functional integration.

Revenue Optimization

The science of hotel revenue optimization many times just seems a big mystery. We help unravel that mystery, and provide a solid plan for finding the most profitable mix of business for the entire resort asset. Whether through simple rate analysis or a comprehensive training program for the team, we will provide the tools necessary to take charge of revenue optimization and discover a distinct competitive advantage in otherwise fiercely competitive markets.

Mystery Shop Programs/Inspections

We individualize every mystery shop program to accurately represent each client's vision and objectively measure crucial aspects of the guest experience that directly affect satisfaction and loyalty. We set relevant benchmarks, ensure accountability and provide feasible action plans.